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Four Seasons Overlook

Four statues representing the seasons welcome garden strollers to this circular overlook, surrounded by variety of trees, including magnolia, cherry, dogwood, crape myrtle, and witch hazel, that offer colorful blooms throughout the year. In the center, carved in black serpentine Italian marble, rests a plaque containing a quote about friendship by Nicholas II’s tsarina, Alexandra.

“Friendship outstays the hurrying flight of years and aye abides through laughter and through tears.” – Tsarina Alexandra Federovna, the last empress of Russia.

In the creation of the Four Seasons Overlook and the Friendship Walk, Marjorie Post’s friends not only highlighted her love of gardens and nature but also seamlessly inserted her passion for imperial Russian culture. Inscriptions of the garden donors names, including ambassadors, congressmen, and other government officials, line the garden, emphasizing the vast array of people influenced by the generosity and graciousness of Marjorie Merriweather Post.

  • Four Seasons Overlook at Hillwood
  • Historical view of the Four Seasons Overlook at Hillwood
  • Four Seasons Overlook at Hillwood
  • Plaque in center of the Four Seasons Overlook at Hillwood