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Motor Court

Though this entrance is designed to be the back of the mansion—leaving the impressive welcome to the Georgian façade overseeing the Lunar Lawn and the woodlands of Rock Creek Park to the south—this entrance, with its abundant foliage of spring flowering azaleas, dogwoods, and distinctive purple-leaf plum, impresses on the visitor the enchanting oasis that awaits.

In the center of the motor court sits a nineteenth-century stone sculpture of the Greek god Eros. Traditionally the most handsome of the immortals, this willowy god of love faces the driveway, welcoming Marjorie Post’s guests and foreshadowing a delightful visit.

  • Motorcourt at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens in Washington, DC

    The impressive entrance is the first view of the mansion that visitors see.  

    © Maxwell MacKenzie
  • Statue of Eros in the motorcourt at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens

    A statue of Eros welcomes visitors.

  • Historical view of the Motor Court at Hillwood
  • Historic view of Hillwood's entrance