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Sustainability at Hillwood

Hillwood is 'Where Beauty Lives,' dedicated to preserving the important legacy of Marjorie Merriweather Post and continuing to inspire and educate the public. Environmental stewardship is vital to ensuring Hillwood remains vibrant, healthy, innovative, and current, building a sustainable future for our communities and the world around us. 

Sustainability at Hillwood addresses everything from the gardens to the mansion, from our staff to our infrastructure. We remain committed to protecting and maintaining the health of the environment. 

Learn more about environmental stewardship and eco initiatives:

Horticulture and the Gardens

Hillwood protects the earth's biodiversity and implements best practices in conservation. The horticulture department develops chemical alternatives, creates sustainable landscapes, monitors water and energy consumption, encourages biodiversity within the gardens, and more.

Facilities and Operations Management

We are a leader in energy consumption and materials management, greatly reducing electrical usage and recycling as many resources on campus as possible. Facilities professionals at Hillwood incorporate new initiatives, updating the campus to the "greenest" standards.