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'Anna and the Hermitage Cats' Family Fun Day

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg houses 3 million works of art in more than 1,000 rooms.  It is also home to the Hermitage cats.  Young Anna knew of the art, but wanted to see the cats.  On a visit to the museum, she set out to find a cat- a special one- to draw.

Author Mary Ann Allin will read her delightful tale about Anna's adventure discovering the art and cats of the Hermitage.  The book will be read in English and in Russian.  Following the readings, Ms. Allin will be available to sign copies of her book, which is on sale in the Museum shop.

Families will have the opportunity to create their own museum room scene, inspired by the stunning pages of Ms. Allins' book, using details from Hillwood's Russian collection, complete with cats!  Pick up an 'Animal Adventure Hunt' family guide and explore the Mansion to see which animals are hiding in Mrs. Post's collection.

Program Schedule:

1:30 pm Book Reading (English) by author Mary Ann Allin
2:00 pm Book Reading (Russian) by Marina Pogossova
2:30 pm Book Reading (English) by author Mary Ann Allin
3:00 pm Book Reading (Russian) by Marina Pogossova
3:30 pm Book Signing by author Mary Ann Allin
1-4 pm Art Project (Design Your Own Museum Room)
1-5 pm Animal Treasure Hunt (family activity guide)


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 4:15pm

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