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Made by: Olga Asta

Currently in storage

About this object

A luncheon set made in point venise lace, consisting of a runner, mats and napkins. The napkins are made of linen and have an embroidered border with a scrolled design in white shadow embroidery. One corner has an inset of fine needle lace with several fillings. Possibly Burano.

Object name:
Made from:
Made in:
ITALY: Venice
Date made:
20th c.
overall __18.00 IN __17.50 IN
overall __45.72 CM __44.45 CM

Detailed information for this item

Catalog number:
Signature marks:
tag __12 napkins/Asta Asta __With the items now removed. __This is hand written in blue ink. ||tag __1 RUNNER/MATS 12/12 NAPKINS/ALL LACE/FR. ASTA-ASTA. VENICE/Point Venise/Same Lace/as/Cloth 27 __On tissue in which items were wrapped, now removed. __A red bordered paper label with blue ink writing. ||tag __45.64/Point Venice/No. 2./use same napkins/as for the cloth __Written on tissue wrapped around items, now removed. __This is white tissue paper. The writing is in blue ink and pencil. ||tag __HWD//45.64/m __Pasted on the white tissue in which item was wrapped. __This is a round white tag with inscription typed. ||tag __Dining Room Table/also/Breakfast Room Table/9-14-1992/45.64 __Included with other inscriptions __This is written in pencil.
Credit line:
Gift of Mrs. Augustus Riggs, 1974