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Three off-white insert sheet fragments. The design of the fragments are of embroidered reindeer and dogs as the major motifs. 45.590.1 shows a design from left to right of an round openwork motif with embroidered deer head tilted. Circling the motif is a wreath of flowers culminating in an embroidered hunting horn. This first panel is framed with four openwork corners. The next panel is an oval of openwork and embroidery depicting a deer jumping a fence and being chased by two dogs. Scrolling around the panel are embroidered flowers flanked by embroidered bows with arrows in a quiver. The third panel is of a deer head similar to the first panel although this deer is upright. The fourth panel shows a hunter deer and two dogs. The fifth panel is the same as number three. The sixth panel shows a hunter with a horn chasing a deer. The seventh panel is of a deer the same as 3 and 5. The eighth panel is of a reverse of the hunter and dogs. The ninth panel is the same as 3, 5, and 7. The tenth panel is two dogs chasing a deer jumping a fence the same as number two but facing the opposite way. 45.590.2 begins from the left with an embroidered scroll of flowers followed by a quiver with bow and arrows. The first openwork motif for this panel is of a deer circled by a wreath of flowers with a hunting horn on top of the wreath. The next panel is of an embroidered openwork oval of eight dogs surrounding a deer. This panel is frames with embroidered flowers and bows and arrows. 45.590.3 is the same as 45.590.2 except in reverse. There is also a tilted deer head in openwork motif at the left end of the panel.

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ca. 1930
15.2 × 203.2 cm (6 × 80 in.)

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label From Mme. E. Garnett CONTENTS-MERCHANDISE/FOURTH CLASS MAIL/47 East 51st St., POSTMASTER: THIS PARCEL MAY BE OPENED/FOR POSTAL INSPECTION IF NECESSARY/New York City/RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED/To Mrs. Joseph E. Davies/Street 3029 Klingle Road/City Washington/Stat D.C. Bottom of the container The label is bordered in black and red. The background is white except in the postage notation which is black. The address is typed and the postage notation is preprinted. inscription Heavy linen emb- Top of the container This is handwritten in pencil.
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Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973