Orchid Month

With "Radiant Orchid" being declared the PANTONE color of 2014, the hundreds of orchids filling the greenhouse with fragrance and color are particularly relevant. Coupled with guest lecturers, specialized tours, hands-on workshops, and demonstrations, Orchid Month will bring new perspective to these exotic flowers.

A greater number and variety of orchids are in bloom during March than any other season at Hillwood, and improved cultivation methods have made the greenhouses even more lush and vibrant. With five climate-controlled greenhouses where visitors can explore thousands of orchids, Orchid Month offers a warm retreat for those looking to escape the winter chill.

Hillwood’s founder Marjorie Merriweather Post was enamored with finely-crafted and beautiful objects. While this passion is most frequently associated with her art collection, it also holds true for her orchids, a large collection of which was assembled throughout her lifetime. During the month of March, visitors to Hillwood are treated not only to the brilliance and fragrance of these exotic beauties as they bloom in abundance in the Greenhouse, but also to engaging opportunities to explore Post's original collection, learn more about the collection today, and hear from outside experts about the history and care of these favored botanicals.

Orchid-themed activities, catering to all levels of interest, may include:


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