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School Groups

While in-person programs are not available for school groups at this time, we invite you to engage with Hillwood through our online offerings.

Interactive Virtual Field Trips
Hillwood’s virtual field trips bring our dynamic programs directly to your students through live video chat, led by trained museum educators. See below for program details.

For more information, or to schedule a virtual field trip for your class, email

$75 per program
Free for DCPS and Title 1 schools

Programs can be scheduled daily, 9 am-4 pm, subject to availability

Group Size
Minimum 5, maximum 40

Technical Details
Virtual field trips are presented live, via Zoom.  You will receive a link to join the program after you register. If your school cannot use Zoom, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Virtual Field Trip Programs

Animal Art Safari 
Grades: Preschool-2nd
Length: 40 minutes

Lions and dragons and birds—oh my! In this virtual program, students search for animals, real and imaginary, as they explore Hillwood’s art through playful looking activities, led by a museum educator via live video chat.  Students will create their own drawings inspired by the art and will cultivate their observational and perceptual skills as they practice detecting and identifying animals depicted on art from different countries and time periods.

Treasure Quest
Grades: 2nd-8th 
Length: 45 minutes

Students embark on an exploration of glittering treasures and magnificent art displayed at Hillwood in this virtual program, led by a museum educator via live video chat. Through active participation in playful games, sketching, and open-ended discussion, students enrich their understanding of art, as they cultivate their observational and perceptual skills while examining portraits and other art from Hillwood’s collection.

World History: Passport to Russia and France
Grades: 9th-12th
Length: 45 minutes

In this virtual program students consider how people communicate information about themselves through art. Through open-ended discussion, led by a museum educator via live video chat, students cultivate their observational and perceptual skills, as they analyze portraits and other art from 1700s France and 1800s Russia, and think critically about the messages of wealth and power the owners and makers of these objects conveyed through their design, use, and display. 

Schedule Your Visit
Student groups must register at least four weeks in advance. Group visits are subject to availability.
Request a student group visit:
Call 202.686.5807
A Hillwood representative will contact you after receiving your request. Your visit is not confirmed until you receive confirmation by phone or e-mail.
Touring Options
Student groups may choose from two options:
Plan Your Visit
For guided programs:
$3 Student (guided tour)
$4 Student (guided tour + art workshop)
Teachers and chaperones: free
Title I schools: free
For self-guided visits:
$2 suggested donation per student
Teachers and chaperones: free
Title I schools: free
Guided tours for student groups may be scheduled Tuesday–Friday, year-round, beginning at 10 am.  We may be able to accommodate other requests; contact the Youth Programs Associate by e-mail or by phone at 202.686.5807 to discuss.
Self-guided student visits may be scheduled anytime during Hillwood’s public hours.
All guided tours and self-guided visits are subject to availability.
Group Size
No fewer than ten, no more than 60.  If your group is larger or smaller, contact the Youth Programs Associate by e-mail or by phone at 202.686.5807 to discuss options.  
Adult chaperones must accompany student groups. We will work with you to determine the appropriate number of chaperones based on group size, age, and touring experience.
Special Needs
Inform the Youth Programs Associate of any special needs when you schedule your visit.  Please review Hillwood’s  Facilities & Access information. 
Lunch Arrangements
Student groups are welcome to make arrangements to eat during their visit.  There are two options:
Make reservations (required for groups of 10 or more) in coordination with the Youth Programs Associate when you schedule your visit. Preorder from our full service group dining menu or on the go group dining menu, which includes a kid's box lunch option, no later than 7 days in advance.
Bring a bag lunch to eat outdoors in a designated picnic area.  You may borrow picnic blankets or bring blankets with you.  There are no indoor facilities available for eating your bag lunch. Please store your lunches on your bus until you are ready to eat.
Transportation and Directions
Visit Guidelines
Help us protect the art and gardens so everyone can enjoy them.  
Enjoy the art and gardens with your eyes and mind, but please remember not to touch.
Be mindful of other visitors and refrain from making excessive noise.
For your safety, walk, do not run.
Informal “vacation-style” non-flash photography is welcome for personal use.
Smoking is not permitted.
Leave large bags and coats in the coatroom while you explore the mansion.
Guided Student Program Options
Explore the mansion or gardens through guided observation and inquiry-based discussion led by trained Museum Teachers.
Guided student group tours of Hillwood:
Engage students through inquiry and object-based learning
Encourage conversation and dialogue
Enhance students’ observation, analytic, and critical thinking skills
(Program length: one hour, including guided tour and art project)

Royal Adventure
Enter the glamorous world of royalty and hunt for hidden gems, gold, and magnificent treasures that glitter and sparkle. Then make your own sparkling treasure box to take home.

Gardens Alive: Colors in the Garden
Discover the vibrant and beautiful colors blooming in Hillwood’s gardens. Listen to a story, play a color matching game, and explore the gardens with your senses as you go on a ‘color walk’ to discover the sights, sounds, and scents in the gardens. Afterwards, create a colorful flower picture to take home.

Grades K-8
(Program length: 90 minutes, including guided tour and art project)
Treasures of the Tsars
Explore the collection of Russian imperial art in the mansion. Study a magnificent portrait of Catherine the Great, the lavish painting A Boyar Wedding Feast, and see objects that belonged to the tsars and tsarinas of Russia, including the intricate creations of imperial Russia’s legendary jeweler, Peter Carl Fabergé. Afterwards, create your own Fabergé-inspired treasure: a 'jeweled' box.
Japanese-style Garden Journeys
Discover the beauty and tranquility of the Japanese-style garden. Explore influences of Japanese culture, art, and symbolism in the garden, read and write traditional Japanese haiku poetry, and decorate a paper lantern to take home.
Passport to France
Travel to France without leaving DC! Examine the detail and artistry in the fine porcelain dishes and furniture from 1700s France in the mansion. Then, inspired by the art you’ve seen, create a French treasure of your own.
Grades 7-12
(Program length: one hour guided tour)
Foreign Language or Culture: Russian or French
Enrich your understanding of foreign language, cultural perspectives, and worldviews through the exploration of Russian or French art objects.
World History, European History, and Comparative Government
Analyze artifacts from the past and interpret symbols of wealth and power to develop an understanding of life in the imperialist societies of Russia and France in the 1700s and 1800s.
American Identity
Explore the lifestyle of the grand American estate tradition, evaluate the role wealth, power, and philanthropy play in constructing American identity, and consider the lasting impact Marjorie Post had through her life and actions.
Garden Exploration
Embark on a tour of the highlights of Hillwood's spectacular gardens, exploring the magnificent flowers growing in the 'working gardens' of the cutting garden and greenhouse, as well as the enchanting settings created by the landscaped Japanese-style garden and French parterre.