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Hillwood Celebrates Art Museum Day

For the seventh year, the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD), with over 150 of its member museums, presents Art Museum Day, celebrating the lasting impact that art museums have on their communities, highlighting the value of the visual arts in society, and providing opportunities for audiences to particate and share their museum experiences with their own networks.

Hillwood joins in the celebration by offering reduced admission to guests who plan their Hillwood visit for May 18 online.

Held in concert with the International Council of Museums's International Museum Day, this special day will be featured as one of the "Live Stories" on Snapchat, enabling users to share their experiences and to see how others around the world are celebrating Art Museum Day. Share your own experience using the hashtag #ArtMuseumDay.

  • Image of Sevres cosmetic jars from Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens

    Sevres Cosmetic Jars

  • Detail from Boyar Wedding Feast
  • French Drawing Room at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens
  • Faberge Leaf-Shaped box from Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens