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Branching Out: Beyond the Ubiquitous Phalaenopsis

Designed for those with a good understanding of basic orchid care, this workshop will profile a dozen or more orchids that go beyond the ever-present grocery store Phalaenopsis. Learn cultural techniques of some of the favorite genera in Hillwood’s collection including Neofinetia, Stanhopea, Epidendron, Brassia, and Cymbidium. We’ll also point you in the direction of sources where you can pick up your favorites. 

Payment is required in advance due to materials fees, and is non-refundable. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing. You’ll be standing and working with plant material. This program is limited to twelve people, and must have a minimum of five participants to take place.  In the event that workshop is cancelled, participants may choose to participate in another session.  

About the Instructor

Drew Asbury is Hillwood’s horticulturist and volunteer manager. He joined Hillwood in 2012 and is responsible for the greenhouses, the cutting garden, and the horticulture volunteer program. Drew has worked professionally in the horticulture industry for nearly twenty years in a variety of positions including garden center sales, greenhouse growing, and landscape management and design. Drew graduated from the Longwood Gardens professional gardener training program in 2006 and is currently working on his Master’s degree in landscape design from George Washington University.


Orchid Month

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 12:00pm

Surround yourself with the warmth and fragrance of Hillwood’s greenhouse this winter and see hundreds of orchids blooming in concert.

With a greater number and variety of orchids in bloom during March than any other season at Hillwood, a month-long focus on these exotic beauties features workshops, tours, and colorful displays. 

Hillwood’s founder Marjorie Merriweather Post was enamored with finely-crafted and beautiful objects. While this passion is most frequently associated with her art collection, it also holds true for her orchids, a large collection of which was assembled throughout her lifetime. During the month of March, visitors to Hillwood are treated not only to the brilliance and fragrance of these exotic beauties as they bloom in abundance in the Greenhouse, but also to engaging opportunities to explore Post's original collection, learn more about the collection today, and hear from outside experts about the history and care of these favored botanicals.