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Kids Euro Festival: Short Film Series

Enjoy the following selection of family-friendly short films from countries across the European Union:

The Pear (Bulgaria, 8 min)
Sometimes a man becomes a wolf, even for something as small and trivial as a piece of fruit.
Story Go Round (Bulgaria, 6 min)
This short film was created by children ages 6 through 17 at a workshop at the World Animation Film Festival in the Bulgarian city of Varna.
Star Stuff (Croatia, 10 min)
A boy amazed by the stars in the night sky sets off on a voyage of great discovery. Inspired by the life and work of Carl Sagan, one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century.
Forest Guards (Latvia, 10 min) 
During a walk in the forest a woodsman discovers a pile of garbage discarded in the woods. His pets--a dog, a cat, and a mouse--join together with the forest animals to clean up the forest and teach a lesson to the culprit.
Eleanor's Forest (Malta, 4 min)
Lost and alone in the woods, a young girl, Eleanor, wanders hopefully torwards far away mysterious lights.
Fences (Poland, 7 min)
A bird in a cage, a toddler in a playpen, two dogs on either side of a fence. From beginning to end, our life is filled with partitions. Does it really make sense to separate ourselves from our neighbors with a wall?
Countryside by the Sea (Portugal, 8 min)
As soon as summer comes around, strange invaders occupy the beaches.
Birdwatching (Portugal, 12 min)
A long time ago, Tião, the corn field keeper, lost the company of an azure-winged magpie. Since the day when silence filled the fields, Tião searches for that bird's lost song.
Wild Sunbed (Slovenia, 3 min)
One sleepy summer afternoon, Koyaa lies down to rest on a sunbed, but the bed starts bucking like a wild stallion!
Naughty Toy Car (Slovenia, 3 min)
One rainy day, Koyaa decides to tidy up his room, when he steps on a toy car that takes him on a crazy ride.
Freezing Scarf (Slovenia, 3 min)
Koyaa is getting ready to step outside into a cold winter's day. He tried to grab his scarf, but it slithers away like a snake, acting silly! 
All films are presented in English language, or have no dialogue.
Recommended for children ages four and up.
After the film screening, explore treasures from around the world in Hillwood's mansion and enjoy the magnificent gardens.
This event is part of the tenth annual Kids Euro Festival taking place throughout the Washington, DC area from October 21 to November 5. More than 10,000 DC-area children and their families enjoy programs at this performing arts festival each year.
The festival is presented by the 28 embassies of the European Union and local cultural institutions, and is made possible by the European Union Delegation in Washington in cooperation with the European-American Cultural Foundation. Find the full lineup of events at and follow at #KidsEUFest.