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As of September 1, the campus is generated solely by renewable sources, eliminating our dependence on coal, oil, and gas-derived electricity. This is a big step in Hillwood’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. We look forward to sharing more as Hillwood continues to go green.

Partnerships and Awards

  • Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) designation International Facility Management Association
  • EPA Green Power Partner
  • Member of the Energy Star Small Business Network
  • 2019: First ever award of $30,000 through the District of Coumbia Sustainability Energy Utility (DCSEU) Pay-4-Performance program

Ongoing Initiatives

  • Recycling of batteries, stationery, disposable gloves, florescent light and electronic ballasts
  • Teamed with TerraCycle and Bic to keep recyclable products out of landfills while generating funds to support charitable organizations throughout the country
  • Upgrading campus HVAC systems and the central utlity plant with advanced energy saving equipment
  • Lighting program that has incorporated over 500 LED's camus-wide (90% energy reduction over regular lightbulbs)
  • Monthly electrical use cut by as much as 46%
  • Monthly natural gas use reduced by as much as 54%
  • Installlation of energy efficient windows in office areas
  • By incorporating these initiatives, the DCSEU calculated that annually, 400,000 lbs of carbon emissions will be avoided.