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Made by: Unknown

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Thirty two miniature scenes with inscriptions originally made up this silver-mounted carved wood triptych, three of which are now missing. In the center of the square middle panel is the Crucifixion with the sun and moon (the figure of Christ missing) surrounded (clockwise beginning in upper left) by the Last Supper, ?, ? The Kiss of Judas, the Flagellation, the Bearing of the Cross, the Noli me Tangere, the Lamentation, ?, the Supper at Emmaus?, the Man of Sorrows, Christ Before Pilate. The PR wing of the triptych contains (l. to r.) the Nativity of the Mother of God, Presentation in the Temple, Entry into Jerusalem, the Transfiguration, Doubting Thomas, the Old Testament Trinity, Christ Pantocrator, the Hodigitrea Mother of God. The PL wing depicts the Annunciation, the Adoration of the Shepherds?, [missing panel], Baptism of Christ, the Dormition, the Exaltation of the Cross, the Vladimir Mother of God, and St. Nicholas. Of the three kokoshnik-shaped finials on the top of each panel, only the PL. wing still contains its image of the three Myrhh-Bearing Women). Each scene is framed with a continuous plain silver frame. A large suspension hook is mounted to the top of the central kokoshnik and a hook clasp on the outer edges of the side wings closes it.

Object name:
Made from:
Wood -- silver
Made in:
Kiev, Ukraine
Date made:
21 x 27.2 cm (8 1/4 x 10 11/16 in.)

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Signature marks:
MARK; INSCRIPTION each of the twenty nine extant scenes is identified by an inscription carved above it; on bottom edge: 1) A.Ia (in a square) possibly for the tester A.I. Iashinov (Iashinkov, Iashenkov) active 1795-1826 (P-L #1163); 2) crossed anchors and scepter for St. Petersburg; 3) 84 for the silver content
Credit line:
Gift of Madame Augusto Rosso, 1968