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Made by: Machine

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About this object

A white machine "Princess" lace, with needle made fillings in the flowers petals and bows of the design. It does give a rather stiff effect . There are needle run stems and tendrils.

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Date made:
20th c.
12.7 × 548.6 cm (5 × 216 in.)

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Signature marks:
tag Very fine lace Included with the lace, now removed. This is written on white paper in pencil. tag 30/6 Pinned to the insertion, now removed. An orange auction tag with writing in black ink. Container Gives away./JULIUS GARFINCKEL & CO./WASHINGTON Top of the box. The "Gives away" is written in pencil. The rest of the lettering is preprinted in light blue. label JULIUS GARGINCKEL & CO./WASHINGTON 4, D. C. /HOW SOLD Chg/DATE 5/4/DEPT. 71/SOLD BY 38/20434-18/SEND TO/Mrs. Joseph E. Davies/3029 Klingle Road/Att. N.W./Miss Voight 116403/POSTMASTER: CONTENTS MERCHANDISE. MAY BE OPENED/FOR POSTAL INSPECTION. /RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED./No. 11 Glued to the bottom of the container This is a white label with black lettering. The writing is in carbon blue and the numbers 20434-18 and No. 11 in red. label GET SIGNATURE/FOR THIS PACKAGE Glued to the bottom of the container. This is a red label with white lettering.
Credit line:
Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973