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Made by: Unknown

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About this object

A cream colored "Milanese" style bobbin lace edging. The design has tapes meandering to form a repeat pattern every eight inches. Where the tape forms a circle or oval there are fillings. There are four different type fillings in this piece. The top edge is straight . The bottom edge is scalloped and has picots.

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Date made:
20th c.
10.2 × 294.6 cm (4 × 116 in.)

Detailed information for this item

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Signature marks:
tag Very fine lace With the lace, now removed. This was a white paper with writing in pencil. tag 33/6/338 Pinned to item, now removed. This is an orange tag with an orange oval sticker. The number 33 is in black print and the 6 is written in black ink. Container Gives away./JULIUS GARFINCKEL & CO./WASHINGTON Top of the box. Gives away is hand written in pencil. The rest is preprinted in light blue. Container label JULIUS GARFINCKEL & CO./WASHINGTON 4, D. C./HOW SOLD Chg/ DATE 5/4/DEPT. 71/SOLD BY 38/20434-18/SEND TO/Mrs. Joseph E. Davies/3029 Klingle Road/Att. N. W./Miss Voight 116403/POSTMASTER: CONTENTS MERCHANDISE. MAY BE OPENED/FOR POSTAL INSPECTION./RETURN POSTAGE GUARANTEED./No. 11 Glued to the bottom of the container. The label is white and preprinted with black wording. There is blue carbon ink, and the numbers are in red. Container label GET SIGNATURE/FOR THIS PACKAGE Glued to the bottom of the container. The label is red with white printing.
Credit line:
Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973