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A bright coral silk backing with 18 pieces of Alencon lace attached. .1 is an edging with trailing floral patterns from the late 18th century. .2 is an edging with a simple design from the 19th century. .3 is an edging with a wide edge filling in ecru from ca. 1760. .4 is an edging which matches .1 and is remade as a collar. .5 is a collar which was remade from a sleeve or edging with an attached edging at the neck. .6 is an edging with delicate pearls design. .7 is an edging with sprigs and flowers. .8 is an edging with a sprig and circle in ground and with an edge cartouche with bride tortillee filling. .9 is a cap back with droschel engrelure and frill. It is ca. 1780s and has ovals with cartouches and floral sprigs. .10 is an edging with daisies and pendant roses alternating at the edge and with sprigged leaf sprays from the mid 19th century. .11 is an edging from ca. 1790 with ring cartouches with two fillings and five bud sprigs in the ground. It is joined to .18 another with the same vining with only one row of sprigs and different detailing. .12 is an edging with an even edge of arches filled with petite reseau and regular sprigs ca. 1800. .13 is an edging with meandering branches and edge cartouches with Argentan mesh filling and others. .14 is a pair of lappets with meandering strings of beads and scattered florals ca. 1770 with petite reseau in edge cartouches and fine picots. .15 is a pair of lappets with bolder relief than .14 with boucle and a central strip of varying floral sprays. The ends are large filling area and others at the edges ca. 1760. .16 is a pair of lappets with brides bouclees and rococo floral with floral edges and no cartouches asymmetric arrangements of sprays. It has square ends ca. 1720. .17 is machine made edging in the Alencon style with a meandering vine and sprig design with leaves and edge cartouches. It is Handrun cordonnet. .18 is an edging with .11 with vining and sprigs.

Object name:
Made from:
Linen -- cotton -- silk
Made in:
Date made:
18th c.-19th c.
123.2 × 97.8 cm (48 1/2 × 38 1/2 in.)

Detailed information for this item

Catalog number:
Signature marks:
LABEL 140/16; on .1: #88; on .2: #92; on .3: #82; on .4: #86; on .5: #89; on .6: #86A; on .7: #78; on .8: #na; on .9: #19; on .11: #72; on .12: #63; on .13: #66; on .14: #62; on .15: #60; on .16: #58A On the silk backing. 140/16 is now removed. 140 is printed in black on an orange paper label. 16 is written in pencil.
Credit line:
Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973