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Pendant Icon of the Kazan Mother of God

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Pendant Icon of the Kazan Mother of God

Made by: Unknown

On view in: Russian Sacred Arts Gallery

About this object

Gold pendant icon in the shape of a kokoshnik (peaked/tiered form). The exterior with a serrated, raised edge. The subject matter depicted is the Kazan Mother of God. The Theotokos wears a purple maphorion (cloak) edged in gold with gold stars on the shoulder and head. She has a plain halo with the Greek letters on its outside edge which stand for ‘Mother of God.’ Standing next to her is the Christ Child with his right hand raised in blessing. He was an orange cloak (himation) which is embellished with gold lines (assiste) over a green shirt (chiton). He has a cruciform halo with the Greek letters ‘O H’ meaning ‘the being.’ There is a gold suspension hoop at the top for hanging

Object name:
Pendant Icon of the Kazan Mother of God
Made from:
gold --enamel
Made in:
RUSSIA: St. Petersburg
Date made:
[Portion] __[Height] 2 3/16" __[Width] 1 5/8" __[Depth] 1/8" __[Diam] __[Weight] __[Size] __[Notes]
[Portion] __[Height]5.5 __[Width]4.2 __[Depth].3 __[Diam] __[Weight] __[Size] __[Notes]

Detailed information for this item

Catalog number:
Signature marks:
INSCRIPTION __From Mother / and Grandfather / to Bob Mc Dade ||INSCRIPTION __СПАСИ / И / СОХРАНИ / А.И. Федотову / отъ палковой / Литовской семьи ||INSCRIPTION __SAVE AND PROTECT / To A. I. Fedotov / from the Palkovs, a Lithuanian family ||MARK __α, Kokoshnik facing right, 56 (St. Petersburg 1908-1917 ; Gold) ||MARK __illegible Master mark. [?.П]
Credit line:
Bequest of the E & B McDade Trust, 2014