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Made by: Kornilov Brothers Factory

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About this object

Plate (one of four ) with rust-colored rim and white center. The rim is decorated with three rows of hand-painted borders in gold outlined with black. The outer side border is a diamond grid pattern in with small four-petal flowers. The middle rim is foliate ornament in six identical sections where each section consists of a larger acanthus shape interspersed with smaller leaves enclosing a small gold dot. The inner side border is a chain-like pattern of stylized fleur-de-lis and scalloped shapes. The center features the coat of arms of the von Derwies family.The coat of arms consists of a blue (azure) shield divided horizontally into three parts: a white (formerly silver?) belt across the center, a five-pointed star in the upper part and a heart in the lower part. Above the shield is a knight’s (tournament) helmet with a coronet and a pair of elevated black eagle wings surrounding a five-pointed star. The shield is lined with foliate ornaments in silver on the left and in gold on the right.

Object name:
Made from:
Made in:
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Date made:
Late 19th c.
H. 1 in., Dia. 9 1/2 in.

Detailed information for this item

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Signature marks:
mark mark of the Kornilov Brothers porcelain factory: a blue shield with a two-headed eagle and a peach-colored banderole below with an inscription “въ СПетербурге Братьевъ Корниловыхъ” (in St. Petersburg by the Kornilov Brothers). Underside of plate The mark most likely dates between 1884 and 1917: see Карякина, Т. Марки русского фарфора, фаянса и майолики, Санкт-Петербург, 1998/Karyakina, T. Marki russkogo farfora, fayansa i majoliki, St. Petersburg, 1998. A figure similar to a checkmark is incised in the clay body on the foot rim. Over-glaze the plate is marked with “4.” in red ink .
Credit line:
Gift of Nancy Godillo Metzger, 2008