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Romanov Dynasty 300th Anniversary Poster

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Romanov Dynasty 300th Anniversary Poster

Made by: Z. Sokolinskii

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About this object

This poster is one of many souvenirs that commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Romanov dynasty. The festivities began across Russia on the day the first Romanov Tsar Michael came to the throne, February 21, 1613. They included church services, processions, receptions, balls and theater performances. In St. Petersburg the celebration lasted four days. May 15, 1913 the imperial family began a tour of old Russian towns to follow the route of the first Romanov Tsar Michael. Included in this trip was a stopy at Nizhnyi Novgorod for which this poster was most likely made. It has images of all the primary Romanov rulers from 1613-1913 and a textual description highlighting the most important accomplishments of tsars Michael, Alexis, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander I, and Alexander II. They proclaim “God Save the Tsar” for Nicholas II and mention his son the Tsarevich. The colors in the print do not line up with the black underprinting of the images implying it was done quickly and for a mass audience.

Object name:
Romanov Dynasty 300th Anniversary Poster
Made from:
PAPER --ink
Made in:
Russia __ __St. Petersburg, Nadezhdinskaia street, #33
Date made:
Unframed and unmatted __19.88 in __13.25 in ||Framed __25.50 in __18.88 in
Unframed and unmatted __50.48 cm __33.66 cm ||Framed __64.77 cm __47.94 cm

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Signature marks:
LABEL __Printed by permission of the Minister of the Imperial Court
Credit line:
Gift of Vladimir G. Marinich, 2007