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Medal Commemorating the Battle of Poltava

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Medal Commemorating the Battle of Poltava

Made by: Müller, Philipp Heinrich __Original Design ||Iudin, S. __Adaptation

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The medal commemorates the battle of Poltava (1709) which Peter the Great won over the Swedes. The medal was first designed by a German artist, Philipp Heinrich Müller. This medal was readapted in the mid 18th century and the present example bears on the obverse the Russian initials of S. Iudin and on the reverse the Latin initials I. G. I. On the front (obverse) is pictured Peter the Great on horseback and a Latin inscription and another below. On the reverse is a figure of Hercules, the lion skin on his shoulders signifying the victory over Sweden which had a lion in the state coat-of-arms. There are two Latin inscriptions and in the background a view of the battle.

Object name:
Medal Commemorating the Battle of Poltava
Made from:
Made in:
GERMANY (design); RUSSIA: Saint Petersburg (medal)
Date made:
18th c.
overall __ __ __ __2.50 IN
overall __ __ __ __6.35 CM

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Bequest of Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1973