Guiding Yourself

Couple self-touring the Japanese style Garden

Visitors self-touring the Japanese style Garden


Printed Tours

Hillwood offers a 25-page printed tour guide that provides an overview of each Mansion and Garden room and highlights significant art objects. The printed tour is perfect if you have limited time to visit the estate, or simply wish to wander at your leisure. For our international visitors, it is offered in English, Russian, French, and Spanish.

Audio Tours

Complimentary audio guides are the most popular choice for geting immersed in the Hillwood experience. With detailed information about the Mansion, gardens, and special exhibitions, the audio guide allows you to personalize your tour experience. Stops are self-selected, letting you choose information based on your interests and schedule. The audio guide also includes a children’s tour, ideal for our younger visitors

Topics covered on the audio guide:

  • Mansion (90 minutes)
  • Gardens (60 minutes)
  • Kings, Queens, & Soup Tureens - highlights of our French collection (45 minutes)
  • Treasures & Traditions - highlights of our Russian collection (45 minutes)
  • Russia: Stories of Hillwood's Russian Treasures - children's tour (45 minutes)
  • Special Exhibition

Audio tours are currently available in English only.

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