Express Dining Menu

sandwiches & salad & soup

smoked turkey sandwich    8.
Smoked turkey, havarti dill, ranch dressing, multigrain bread

rosemary chicken salad sandwich    8.
chicken salad, tomato, lettuce, multigrain bread

vegetarian wrap du jour    8.

ham and swiss sandwich    8.
ham, swiss, dijon mustard, multigrain bread

garden salad    6.

chilled citrus cantaloupe soup  5.50

desserts & snacks

napoleon   7.
french silk pie    7.
cookie bag    2.75
brownie    3.
chips    1.75


soda   2
Hillwood signature iced tea or lemonade   2.25
Tropicana juices   2.25
bottle water (dasani)   2
coffee, tea or hot chocolate   2.50
espresso   2.95
latte, cappuccino   3.50
   add vanilla or caramel syrup +.50
add extra espresso shot +1.50                              

express menu seating is available in the
CW Post Center