C.W. Post Courtyard Construction

Hillwood is embarking on a major visitor enhancement to the campus for the first time in over ten years! Over the past six months, the C.W. Post Courtyard (just outside the Café) has been undergoing a transformation from an asphalt parking area into a beautiful public space for dining and programmatic activities. 

The finished courtyard will feature a new hardscape of bluestone and brick that complements existing pathways and buildings. This graceful and flexible new space will be tented seasonally for at least six months each year, extending outdoor use of the Café and providing space for special activities such as workshops and programs associated with our family festivals. This beautiful framed tent will also have built-in capacity for special lighting and audio-visual elements for lectures, parties and programs. 

Construction is ongoing but should be completed by the spring season. Food service is available throughout the construction, so please continue to use it when you visit Hillwood. Please bear with us as we proceed through this relatively short construction phase. It will lead to a fine new amenity for all of our visitors to Hillwood. 

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