Romanov Splendor: An evening with Galina Korneva & Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm

Wednesday 6 February 2013 5:30pm - 7:30pmTickets available
$20, $10 Member, $7 Student

Location: Visitor Center

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Immerse yourself in the richly illustrated glamour of Imperial Russia with Galina Korneva and Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm.

Galina Korneva’s newest publication, Russia and Europe, co-authored with Tatiana Cheboksarova, tells the fascinating stories of the life and tragic end of the Romanov dynasty.  Explore more than 500 photographs rarely seen from Russian and other European archives, and gain insight to the magnificent residences of the Romanovs, the extraordinary collections of fine arts they contained.    

Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm focuses on the extensive range of jewels and objets d’art crafted in St. Pertersburg during the golden age of ornamental design.  Starting with the reign of Elizabeth, Empress of Russia, through that of Catherine the Great and ending in 1917 with the death of Nicholas II, Jewels from Imperial St. Petersburg is intertwined with captivating personal and imperial history. 

Program Timeline

5:30-6:30 pm   Mansion open for touring
6:30-7:30 pm   Lecture
7:30 pm             Book Signing

About the Authors:

Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm, Ph.D., is the great-granddaughter of the St. Petersburg goldsmith Alexander Tillander, a leading supplier to the Imperial Russian Court of Nicholas II.  She has been researching the oeuvre of Russian jewelers for many years.  Her doctoral dissertation was on the labrinthe and intriguing award system of Imperial Russia.  Her work takes her around the world: lecturing, consulting for art exhibitions and writing in exhibition catalogues and for art publications.  She has published several books on her speciality, the art of the Jewelers of Imperial St. Petersburg.  She last spoke at Hillwood in November 2008.

Galina Korneva is a well known specialist in the history of Russia, and particularly St. Petersburg. She is a frequent speaker at international confrerences, and is the co-author of several books with Tatiana Cheboksarova.  Together they have published five volumes, including Empress Maria Fedorovna's Favorite Residences in Russia and Denmark, and Russia and Europe.

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