CANCELLED: Lecture: First Ladies and their Cattleyas: 1929 to Present, by Arthur Chadwick

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Location: Visitor Center Theater

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In the century and a half that the world has been naming orchid hybrids everyone from kings and queens to presidents and famous actors have been honored by having someone register a beautiful orchid to bear their name. It's not surprising then that every First Lady from Lou Henry Hoover to Michelle Obama has had a cattleya orchid named after her as well. Renowned orchid grower Arthur Chadwick and his father have been at the very heart of this endeavor having created and presented a new cattleya to each First Lady for decades. This lecture examines each hybrid and its place in orchid history while bringing to life these amazing experiences with rare photographs and first-hand stories.

Laura Bush and her orchid

Laura Bush and her orchid


Michelle Obama and her orchid


5:30-6:30 pm Mansion and Greenhouse open for touring
6:30-7:30 pm Lecture

About the Speaker

Arthur E. Chadwick founded the Chadwick & Son Orchids Inc in 1989 with his father who has been growing orchids since 1943. Their book,The Classic Cattleyas is widely considered to be the definitive book on large flowered Cattleya species. Martha Stewart favorably reviewed the book and had both Chadwicks on her TV Show.

Art has the distinction of naming Cattleya hybrids after the wives of the last four U.S. Presidents and personally presenting the flowers to the honored recipients. He speaks internationally, most recently at the Western Australian Orchid Conference and the World Orchid Conference in France. Each month since 2002, the Richmond Times Dispatch publishes Art’s orchid advice column. The Winston-Salem Journal now also runs the popular column.

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