Hillwood is run by a Board of Trustees, some of whom are members of the Post family. 

Members of the Board of Trustees:

  • Ellen MacNeille Charles, President
  • Nancy Appleby, Vice President & Treasurer
  • Kyra Cheremeteff, Vice President
  • Jacqueline Kelly Collamore, Secretary
  • Nancy Young Duncan, Assistant Treasurer
  • Calvin Baker
  • Barbara Boggs
  • Amy Bondurant
  • Marcia DeWitt 
  • Henry A. Dudley, Jr.
  • Andrew Iverson
  • David Iverson
  • Andrei Quinn-Barabanov
  • Priscilla Roosevelt
  • Nedenia C. Rumbough
  • Stanley H. Rumbough
  • Aubrey Sarvis

The Executive Director is responsible for the day to day operations of the estate; A staff  of more than 350 employees and active volunteers assists the Executive Director in all aspects of the operations, including:

  • Communications
  • Curatorial
  • Development
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Horiculture
  • Human Resources
  • Interpretation and Visitors Services

The Chief Operating Officer is primarily responsible for Interpretation and Visitors Services and Security and reports to the Executive Director.

The museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums.


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