What's in Bloom

Set on twenty-five acres adjacent to Rock Creek Park, Hillwood’s Gardens contain a diverse and fascinating array of plants. Spring is moving fast and there are blooms both inside and out. Come catch a peek! 

azaleas in bloom along Friendship Walk

Azaleas of all colors blooming in the gardens.

white flowers of Cornus florida

The white flowers of Cornus florida

Moth orchid flowers with pink veins on a background of yellow

The unique pink-veined flowers of Phalaenopsis Baldan’s Kaleidoscope ‘Golden Treasure’

yellow flowers of Chrysogonum virginianum

Chrysogonum virginianum is a good native groundcover.

the white, snowball-looking flowers of Viburnum plicatum f. plicatum

The white, snowball-looking flowers of Viburnum plicatum f. plicatum

chives blooming near the cafe

Chives blooming near the café

Broad, blue flowers of Iris tectorum

Broad, blue flowers of Iris tectorum


Colorful blooms are out in force inside and out!

  • Spring is a beautiful time here at Hillwood. Many of our azaleas are still in bloom. Our collection hosts a wide variety of colors and flower forms that can be appreciated even more when up close and in person. The photo above is of Friendship Walk and is just a sampling of the beauty that awaits around every corner. 

  • The flowering dogwood (Cornus florida), blooming in the motor court, is a U.S. native tree widely admired for its white or pinks blooms. Don’t let it fool you though. It is truly a four-season tree with great horizontal form, distinctive bark, bright red fruit and excellent red to purple fall color. There are many new cultivars that are resistant to the dogwood diseases that have afflicted these trees in their native setting.

  • March’s orchid extravaganza may be long gone but someone didn’t tell the orchids. We have a lot of Phalaenopsis or moth orchids in bloom right now. Phalaenopsis can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Phalaenopsis Baldan’s Kaleidoscope ‘Golden Treasure’ has beautiful pink veining on a background of yellow. Find this and more in the greenhouse today!

  • Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) is a U.S. native wildflower that often grows along dry woodland edges in full to part shade. It features bright yellow, star-shaped flowers over low spreading rhizomes. Find out about this plant and more on a tour of the woodland path.

  • Japanese snowball (Viburnum plicatum f. plicatum) is a large, spreading shrub that bears pairs of elegant large, white, ball-shaped flower clusters in May. Ours at the putting green are already in full bloom. The rough, dark-green leaves look slightly pleated, especially when new. Fall foliage is reddish-purple. This viburnum is occasionally mistaken for hydrangea.

  • Just because your chives go to flower doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them on your plate. Try breaking the flowers up over salad or mix them in with goat cheese and honey. Learn more about the herb section of the cutting garden in our herb workshop

  • Beautiful roof iris (Iris tectorum) are in flower in the Japanese-style garden. These were often grown in thatched roofs in Japan and China, hence the common name, roof iris. These sturdy plants grow only about twelve to eighteen inches high and have large, beardless flowers that can be up to six inches across.



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