Cutting Garden

The large, rectangular beds planted with straight rows of flowers indicate that this garden has a utilitarian rather than an ornamental purpose. 

The types of flowers grown and used to decorate the Mansion were traditional in formal arrangements of the 1950s and 60s.  Marjorie Post stipulated that, upon her death, Hillwood would be opened as a museum to the public and that the tradition of fresh cut flowers would continue. You may see some flowers that are not generally used as cut flowers today.  Historic photographs determine the style and placement of the arrangements.  Photographs taken in the 1960s suggest that flowers were chosen to complement the dinner service and the season.  You’ll find that same level of attention given to them at Hillwood today.


Mohamed Mouhidine


Cutting Garden, Hillwood, Washington DC

I appreciate the cutting garden because I don’t have to order herbs.   We harvest herbs daily and only pick what is needed so they are fresh—it makes a lot of sense!

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